September 27, 2020

Will Microsoft release Windows 10 October Update on October 2?

1 min read

Previous reports have said that Build 17763 will be the final version of Windows 10 October 2018 (Version 1810), but the current Microsoft official has not confirmed, just saying that “the disappearance of the watermark does not mean that it has been completed.” According to Windows Lastest reported today, there is new evidence that Build 17763 is the RTM version of Windows 10 October update.

According to the screenshot shared by the user abbodi1406 in the MyDigitalLife forum, the product XML page included in the ESD indicates that the Windows 10 October update will be released on October 2 this year, which means that it is not a few days away from the official release.

At present, Build 17763 is still in the Slow Ring, and the media believe that Microsoft will not release it on October 2. Because it moves from the Slow channel to the Release Preview channel and then accepts additional patches (if necessary), the entire process takes at least a week. Microsoft has confirmed that the hardware conference will be held on October 2nd, and perhaps the content of the Windows 10 feature update will be announced at this conference.