What is Sysinternal Autoruns on Windows?

Sysinternals Autoruns is a utility that controls the startup of Windows components, services, applications, drivers, and services. This utility does not require installation and can be launched from any flash media. When you run the utility, you will see those components that start when Windows boots.
To disable the launch of a component, just uncheck the box next to its name. And you can turn this component back on because you do not delete autorun, but only disable it. To permanently remove a component, just select Delete from the context menu (or press Ctrl + D).

Selecting Jump to  Entry will take you to the place where this component is launched from. This could be disk space or a registry entry.

If you have any doubts about any component, then you can find out about it from the Google search engine. To do this, select the menu item Search Online (or press Ctrl + M).

By selecting Properties (or by pressing Alt + Enter) you will find out the file properties. Automatically, the program opens the “Everything” tab, which lists all the components that are loaded in the system, but you can switch to any specific tab with the components you need, whether it be Services or Scheduled Tasks.

You can download the latest version of Sysinternals Autoruns from the Microsoft website.