Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Vivaldi 2.11 releases: improves Pop-out video

2 min read

Vivaldi Technologies today officially released the Vivaldi 2.11 stable version which is available for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows desktop platforms. A major change was introduced in the new version to improves Pop-out video.

This version also introduces new customization options, so that users can change the theme of Vivaldi to match the desktop operating system and be able to automatically switch between light theme and dark theme according to the system settings.



• [New][Media] Implement picture-in-picture (pop-out video) button on every video (VB-62563)
• [New][Keyboard][Accessibility] Add F6/Shift+F6 focus handling: Allows moving focus between a few UI elements and active pages (VB-61108)
• [New][Themes] Follow OS Dark/Light mode by default (VB-62703)
• [New][Windows][Installer] Installation should be in the native language (VB-1627)

Address Bar

• [Address Bar] Pasting very long URL into address field crashes UI (VB-59692)
• [Address Bar] Popup address bar overlaps tab bar when both are at the bottom (VB-62523)
•[Address Bar] Cannot resolve some keywords correctly (VB-61173)
• [Address Bar] Progress bar goes from the right-to-left when adding content to the existing page (VB-21910)
• [Address Bar] Trackpad horizontal scroll doesn’t work (VB-22297)
• [Address Bar][Bookmarks] Add Bookmark dialog has the wrong width (VB-62355)
• [Address Bar][Bookmarks][Search Field] Bookmarking via shortcut after disabling search field causes misalignment (VB-56173)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Better ESC handling for popup (VB-62004)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Button sorting broken when toggling hidden extensions (VB-61826)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Hidden extensions use the wrong window color (VB-61456)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Incorrect border-radius on popup buttons on hover (VB-62548)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Trapped focus for popup (VB-62385)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Drag and drop failed (VB-47819)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Nickname of the search engine not working (VB-40002)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Popup must remember previously selected engine (VB-62414)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Suggestions not used when the search is triggered by clicking triangle button (VB-61903)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Typed history doesn’t close by clicking down arrow (VB-62403)