Valve has registered a new trademark, and the updated CSGO following the engine upgrade may be renamed to CS2

Recently, there has been an unusual amount of news about the old game CSGO. First, the renowned esports journalist Richard Lewis wrote that the CSGO Source 2 engine version does indeed exist and will be updated soon. Secondly, players and data miners have tracked a series of code library updates related to CSGO Source 2 through Steam’s API. This highly anticipated event may become a reality this month (or this year).

In addition to the engine update, Richard Lewis also mentioned that Valve plans to change the name of CSGO to CS2, which stands for Counter-Strike 2. In a sense, renaming a game has a greater impact than upgrading the engine, as it involves branding and player perception. Therefore, even with this news, most people still refer to this update as CSGO Source 2.

Recently, data miners discovered that Valve has submitted several trademark applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office, confirming Richard Lewis’ claims. The trademark applications include COUNTER STRIKE and CS2, covering categories such as electronic game software and online entertainment services. These trademarks have been accepted and are currently waiting for review.

Of course, applying for a trademark is similar to obtaining a patent, and actually using it is another matter. We can only wait for Valve to announce the answer at the appropriate time. It is worth mentioning that all of Valve’s game series now have a “2” in their names, such as Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, and DOTA 2… Perhaps for Valve, the number 2 represents not only a sequel but also another meaning.