Battlefield 2042 may release a second year’s season pass

“Battlefield 2042” is a game that had a disappointing start due to its low completion rate, poor map design, and numerous bugs, which caused it to receive negative reviews from players. However, after its release, EA and DICE did not give up on the game (perhaps because abandoning it would mean the end of the series), but instead continued to improve the game while introducing new content. Starting from the third season, player feedback gradually improved, and many new players joined.

Now that “Battlefield 2042” has reached the fourth season, DICE will complete the task of updating the first year’s season pass after this season ends. In theory, they could completely abandon the game after this, as the ultimate edition of the game that was pre-sold only includes the first year’s season pass. However, in a recent developer interview, DICE stated that they are already working on content for the fifth season, which is undoubtedly good news.

Furthermore, a more exciting piece of news has emerged from Reddit users daniluk400 and MPThLee, which is that “Battlefield 2042” may release a second year’s season pass. From their screenshots, it can be seen that the content for the second year’s season pass was added recently (on March 17th), with few specific details, mostly placeholders. Only the name “Battlefield 2042 – Year 2 Upgrade” has been confirmed.

If this is true, players will receive three additional seasons besides the already announced fifth season this year. In other words, until the end of this year, “Battlefield” players will continue to have fresh battlefield experiences. Compared to the “Call of Duty” series, which originally planned to operate for two years but decided to continue releasing new titles recently, “Battlefield” is undoubtedly more generous.

Of course, considering that EA has recently canceled many projects, including the “Battlefield” mobile game and the new “Titanfall” title, players should still be cautious about this news.”