User can adjust volume from taskbar in Windows 11 by scrolling on the volume icon

In the GNOME desktop, the user can point the mouse to the volume button without clicking, and then directly scroll the mouse wheel to quickly adjust the volume percentage.

This feature is much more convenient than the volume adjustment in Windows 10. Therefore, in the Windows 10 era, consumers have asked Microsoft to copy this feature.

Although this proposal only received 297 votes in favor, it did attract the attention of the Microsoft engineering team, and this feature has been implemented in Windows 11.

In Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22478, Microsoft has implemented this feature and the user experience is also very good.

From the demo video, we can see that we put the mouse on the volume mark, and there is no need to click on the mark and then directly roll the mouse wheel to adjust the system volume.

In the same way, if you click on the volume symbol, a volume percentage progress bar will pop up. At this time, you can see the progress bar change in real-time by scrolling the mouse on the volume symbol.

Previously, if we needed to adjust the volume, we needed to click on the volume icon and then hold down the left mouse button to drag the progress bar, and scrolling was really convenient.

Although this is only a small feature, the user experience is better. Unfortunately, this will not arrive in the official version of Windows 11 until the fall of next year.

If you are already using the latest development version of Windows 11, you can try this feature now.

Via: Jen Gentleman