Microsoft fixes Windows 11 Explorer performance issues in the development version

It has been about two weeks since the official version of Windows 11 has been launched. Although the cumulative update has been obtained, most of the problems have not been fixed in the cumulative update.

For example, some users complained that the Windows 11 Explorer has performance problems. The main manifestation of this problem is that dragging and dropping files has various stalls.

Obviously, for users, the common actions of dragging and dropping files will cause lag and will seriously affect the user experience, and Microsoft has not yet issued a response to this kind of feedback. What’s interesting is that Microsoft fixes the problem in the development version.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343

In Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22478, Microsoft “Fixed an issue where the command bar was doing unnecessary calculations when navigating to folders, causing an unexpected decrease in performance. This is also believed to be the root cause of performance issues when using drag to select files, as well as using the arrow keys to navigate in certain folders.”

This is also considered to be the root cause of performance problems when using drag and drop to select files and use the arrow keys to navigate in certain folders.

The above is written by Microsoft in the update log of the latest development version. Obviously, although Microsoft has not responded to the problem, the company is aware of the problem and has already started to fix it.