Microsoft releases Windows App SDK

UWP is a development platform launched by Microsoft to build a general architecture. Applications developed based on UWP technology can be directly used on Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 tablets, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox, and Hololens platforms.

This idea is of course true because developers can cover most of Microsoft’s platforms in a single development, which helps simplify developers’ work and improve user experience. Now the main battlefield for UWP applications is Windows 10 PC.

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Although Microsoft did not directly say that it would abandon the UWP platform, it turns out that the UWP platform is basically cold. In addition to the small number of users and the fact that many apps have not been updated for many years, Microsoft’s own technical support for the UWP platform is also very untimely. Prior to this, some developers complained that UWP technical documents were not updated for a long time and wanted to solve a problem, and couldn’t find support at all.

Microsoft recently launched a new version of the Windows App SDK. The development kit provides a wide range of Windows APIs that can be separated from the operating system and is distributed to developers through the NuGet package. Microsoft said that developers can now migrate UWP applications to the Windows App SDK in order to be able to fully realize the skills of the developers.

Windows App SDK provides new platform functions and a modern Windows UI 3 library (ie WinUI 3) to enhance application functions. WinUI 3 libraries can also bring a better user experience to users. At the same time, the Windows App SDK is backward compatible. It supports at least Windows 10 Version 1809, which means that it can be supported from Windows 10 v1809-Windows 11.

In addition, the Windows App SDK also includes the latest user interface platforms and controls, such as WinUI 3 and WebView 2; .NET 5.0 compatibility, improved Runtime environment, backward compatibility, and consistent experience with the Windows version.