Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

US senators launched a bill to exclude Chinese equipment from the US government supply chain

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Two US Senators launched a bill to exclude Chinese equipment from the US government supply chain. The bill is called the Manufacturing, Investment and Controls Review for Computer Hardware, Intellectual Property and Supply Act (MICROCHIPS), introduced by Senators Mike Crapo and Mark Warner. The two senators fear that the Chinese government may force Chinese manufacturers to deliver backdoor components to the United States, leading to damage to US defense capabilities.

ban Huawei equipment

The MICROCHIPS Act proposes to set up the National Supply Chain Security Center to counter these potential threats. The main task of this new agency is to report factors that may pose a threat to the US government and military supply chain. The agency will also be responsible for establishing a central clearinghouse structure to assess key technologies and equipment of the US government and the military to prevent any harmful equipment or parts from entering the supply chain of key sectors.

In addition, the bill also emphasizes the damage caused by China’s theft of US technology intellectual property. Senator Crapo said: “Chinese companies export telecommunication technology equipment, software, hardware and services used in the United States, and hope to export fifth-generation technology (5G) to the U.S. that could potentially harm and expose both consumer and U.S. military information.”

Via: ZDNet