UK plans to invest 100 million pounds to purchase thousands of high-performance AI chips

Reports suggest that UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak intends to allocate a prodigious £100 million for the acquisition of thousands of high-performance artificial intelligence chips. This initiative aims to bolster the domestic landscape of AI technological applications, thereby accentuating the UK’s pivotal role in nurturing the growth of AI technology.

The UK government has already initiated dialogues with industry magnates such as NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. Negotiations with NVIDIA appear to be reaching their culmination, with anticipations of the UK government securing 5,000 high-performance GPUs from the company. Beyond the £100 million presently earmarked, the government seemingly contemplates a further infusion of funds into the evolution of AI technology, aspiring to position the UK as an ‘AI superpower’.

Hybrid AI

Given the present trajectory of AI technological evolution, the UK discernibly lags behind the United States and major European nations. Hence, through procuring an abundance of high-performance GPUs tailored for AI training, the nation aspires to accelerate its domestic research and developmental ventures in the realm of artificial intelligence.

For the time being, the outcome of the negotiations between the UK government and NVIDIA remains enshrouded in ambiguity. Equally uncertain is the specific GPU models the government primarily aims to procure. However, it’s optimistically projected that these GPUs will be operational by next summer.