Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Replace VLC, Ubuntu MATE uses GNOME MPV player by default

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GNOME MPV (Celluloid) will replace VLC as the default media player in Ubuntu MATE 19.10. GNOME MPV is a simple GTK+ front end for video player mpv. It interacts with mpv using libmpv’s client API to enable powerful playback of mpv. GNOME MPV has now been renamed Celluloid.

Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 GPD Pocket
Image: ubuntu-mate

Martin Wimpress from Ubuntu MATE revealed the message in the monthly system update:

“we will be dropping VLC from the pre-installed applications and shipping GNOME MPV instead. GNOME MPV will soon be renamed to Celluloid. The reasons for switching to GNOME MPV are similar to swapping out Thunderbird for Evolution; better desktop integration.

GNOME MPV does use client side decorations (CSD) by default. Thankfully a gschema override can restore traditional menus, as seen the attached screenshot, and we’ll set that as the default in Ubuntu MATE. GNOME MPV has better MPRIS integration and completely integrates with the Sound Indicator. Similar to the Thunderbird/Evolution situation, GNOME MPV requires ~27MB on the ISO image whereas VLC requires ~70MB.”

Ubuntu MATE indicates that it plans to shut down CSD (Client Side Decorations) for GNOME MPV and restore the traditional application menu. On the other hand, VLC will remain in Ubuntu repos, so anyone who wants to keep it can continue to install and use it.

Via: omgubuntu