Uber will launch Uber Tasks to find new revenue

Recently, rumors have surfaced that Uber may be planning to launch a labor-matching business similar to TaskRabbit, aimed at swiftly providing everyday services. Bloomberg subsequently reported that this service will be named ‘Uber Tasks’ and is set to launch in the coming weeks in Melbourne, Florida, USA, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Like TaskRabbit, ‘Uber Tasks’ will match labor through the Uber service platform, enabling collaborators to offer various home services. These include furniture assembly, laundry, lawn mowing, and even seasonal services like snow removal and holiday decoration.

Uber has expressed its desire to use this service to create more accessible job opportunities, while also addressing many people’s daily needs. By expanding its range of services, Uber anticipates driving continuous revenue growth.

From prior leaks, it’s understood that the Uber service will be billed based on the duration of the service, starting from one hour. This means that even if the service duration is less than an hour, users will still be charged for one hour.

In a recent update, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi emphasized that Uber could promote a more flexible working model and create more job opportunities. As part of ongoing service updates, Uber plans to add encrypted recording features in the app. In case of disputes during the service, the situation can be reconstructed through the recordings, which are inaccessible to Uber, passengers, or drivers under normal circumstances and can only be accessed upon filing a complaint.

Other updates include strengthened driver identity verification and a more user-friendly service interface. These enhancements will make it easier for drivers to find the correct parking locations and for users to verify their current itinerary and billing methods, as well as allow for immediate transmission of ride experience feedback.