Threads has begun to open the function of deleting accounts

Addressing the previous issue where the deletion of a Threads account led to the simultaneous removal of Instagram data, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri, in a recent update, announced that this problem has been resolved.

Threads has now introduced a feature allowing account deletion without affecting the user’s active Instagram account. Users can delete their data stored in Threads by navigating to the ‘Account’ option in Threads’ settings and selecting ‘Delete or Deactivate Profile’. Before this, Instagram permitted users to deactivate their Threads account without impacting their Instagram account usage, but the option to delete the account was not provided.

Even though users can now delete their Threads account, signing up for Threads still requires linking an Instagram account. This indicates that Threads remains closely intertwined with Instagram, even relying on Facebook to drive viewership traffic, and is yet unable to sustain a certain user scale independently.

Meta, however, likely aims to evolve Threads into a standalone service. They hope to decentralize Threads by supporting the open social networking protocol ActivityPub, enabling community interactions to transcend platform service limitations.

However, with the growth in user traffic for Threads not being as significant as during its initial launch, and many users no longer actively using it, how to reinvigorate user engagement and traffic for Threads poses a new challenge for Meta.