U.S. senators propose a new law that will ban large-scale technology companies from participating in the digital advertising ecosystem

U.S. senators from both parties have jointly launched a new law that is expected to make Google, Facebook’s parent Meta, and Amazon could have to spin off chunks of their advertising businesses.

Led by Sens. Mike Lee, Amy Klobuchar, Ted Cruz, and Richard Blumenthal zeroes, the bill will restrict companies that process digital advertising transactions of more than 20 billion US dollars each year and require them not to participate in the digital advertising market ecology.

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The appeal of this bill will restrict companies such as Google from engaging in digital advertising ecology-related businesses, to avoid formulating digital advertising rules on the one hand, and investing in digital advertising sales on the other hand, which will lead to monopoly phenomena such as market dominance.

In addition to the “Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act”, more and more bills have been proposed in the United States to target technology companies affecting the fairness of market development. In this way, large technology companies such as Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are prevented from developing too much power.