Good backlinks are important!

Search engine rankings are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, but did you know that links to Google sites can be a great way to attract additional traffic? What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link – more precisely, a specific type of hyperlink. This term is used in natural referencing to designate an external link published on site A, which points to site B.

The backlink, on the other hand, has two very different objectives: 

  • A commercial purpose, and try to send a user to a particular site on which he can learn more about a product/service, or even buy;
  • A purely SEO goal, in which case it is a matter of transferring “juice” from one site to another to take advantage of its authority and improve the positioning of a page.

What is a “good” backlink?

The number of backlinks is not a sufficient indicator for a search engine. It will also look at the quality of external links. However, what is a “good” backlink, exactly? Several parameters come into play to determine the value of an incoming link:

The authority of the source site 

By definition, a backlink is a link published on site A that points to site B. To judge the quality of the link, a search engine considers the authority of site A. A backlink integrated into any educational site will have more value than another inserted on a blog if you publish educational content. It is, therefore, necessary to multiply the edu backlinks coming from sites with a large audience and long-established in the digital landscape.

The relevance of the link and the anchor 

A thematic link must exist between the two sites linked by a backlink, which means obtaining external links from sites close to the subjects addressed in the contents to which they point. 

 The position of the incoming link on the source page 

The context in which a backlink is published contributes to giving it relevance. We are talking about the semantic environment: we must place the link in the text’s body and not in a menu or a “footer”. Because in the eyes of a search engine, a backlink is intended to be clicked by the visitor, which he can not do if the link is not clearly visible.

In essence, links indicate to Google and others that this site is popular in the eyes of Internet users and webmasters. We can share more info here if you are interested in this topic. It will be useful because the more external links a website has, the more authoritative it is for search engines.