Twitter officially announced the permanent ban on Trump’s account

The recent violence against the US Congress by Trump supporters is continuing to ferment. Some media even call Trump and his supporters fascism.

When the violence occurred, Trump, as the President of the United States, not only failed to take effective measures, he even encouraged such violent measures on Twitter and other social media.

Subsequently, Twitter and Facebook announced that Trump’s account was temporarily banned until they removed the content that encouraged violence, which was a violation of website rules.

But obviously, this does not continue to prevent Trump from performing his final madness. To avoid the situation from worsening, Twitter has announced that Trump’s account will be permanently blocked.

According to the official announcement issued by Twitter, it has been emphasized many years ago that the accounts of officials and leaders are for the public to directly listen to their opinions and information.

However, these accounts cannot completely override the rules of the website. Although Twitter has previously given some preferential treatment to Trump accounts, it does not include serious violations of the rules.

Taking into account the risk of inciting violence in Trump’s account, Twitter finally decided to permanently ban Trump’s account and permanently prohibit Trump from posting information on Twitter.

Originally, Twitter was prepared to stop the preferential treatment policy after Trump ended his term, but Trump, who staged the final madness, was banned before he left office.

In addition to Twitter, Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Reddit forums have also been permanently banned.