Cortana supports “Cortana” wake words

Cortana supports “Cortana” wake words

The desktop version of Cortana is not completely good, so Microsoft is still providing more new features for Cortana through the beta version update, including wake-up words.

Earlier, Microsoft had announced that the mobile version of Microsoft Cortana will stop service, while on the desktop version, Microsoft will separate Cortana from the system as an independent application to provide updates.

This version currently only supports users in a small number of countries or regions, although it has not been updated for a long time, this does not mean that Microsoft completely abandons Cortana.

The latest Microsoft Cortana version already supports custom wake-up words. Users can customize it in the settings after installing the standalone version of Cortana.

It should be emphasized that Cortana here refers to the beta version of Cortana and is a standalone version. If you go to the pre-installed Cortana in the system, you will not see these configuration options.

Microsoft has disabled the “Hey Cortana” word to wake up in the Windows 10 20H1 version. In fact, users cannot use any wake-up keywords after being disabled at that time.

Until now, Microsoft has slowly resumed Cortana’s development. This custom wake-up word allows users to wake up Cortana by voice using the “Cortana” word to wake-up.

Source: HTNovo Via: mspoweruser