Twitch announced that Trump will be permanently banned

After Trump supporters violently attacked the U.S. Capitol, Trump not only failed to discourage violence on Twitter but incited supporters to use violence.

Subsequently, Trump, who was active on major social network platforms, was banned from various platforms. The reason for the ban was that Trump incited violence to violate the rules of various platforms.

Facebook also issued instructions to explain the ban, even the President of the United States cannot violate the rules of the platform, and any behavior that violates the rules of the platform will be blocked.

It is worth noting that none of the platforms previously banned Trump permanently, but temporarily banned Trump from continuing to incite violence.

Trump left the White House at the end of his term. After his resignation, Trump no longer has presidential privileges, so the live broadcast platform Twitch immediately banned Trump permanently.

The platform stated that it had reassessed its account after Trump left the White House. The assessment stated that Trump is still likely to incite violence but this violates platform rules.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the impact on the community and the public, the platform decided to permanently ban the Trump account. The account has not been deleted but can no longer be logged in.

At the same time, Trump was unable to create a new account and continue to conduct live broadcasts on the platform. This was also the first social network platform to banned Trump after Trump stepped down.

Previously, Twitter also stated that it would grant presidential privileges to Trump’s account, but these privileges will disappear after Trump leaves office. Maybe Twitter is also thinking of doing something new.

However, whether Twitter will ban Trump permanently is still unknown. Twitter may unblock Trump’s account and then treat it as a normal user if it violates the rules.

Via: IGN