TikTok confirms to launch an ad-free TikTok experience

It seems Twitter’s subscription service has roused other social networking platforms into action. According to a dispatch from Android Authority, TikTok is currently in the throes of formulating and piloting its own subscription model, tentatively priced at $4.99 per month.

The primary allure of TikTok’s subscription scheme is its ad-free experience, focusing chiefly on the eradication of advertisements within the TikTok video feed. However, TikTok will continue to harness other data for algorithmic recommendations and dissemination.

TikTok Announces: “We are testing the Ad-free plan with the TikTok community. By continuing, you agree to the {%s} and acknowledge that you have read our {%s} to learn how we collect, use, and share data. You also accept the immediate provision of the Ad-free subscription. Price includes VAT.

Allow us to use your data to show you relevant ads, which helps keep TikTok free. %s. You can also see how we use and protect your data in our %s,” the company added.

Once TikTok’s subscription service sees its debut, users will be accorded the choice to opt for the paid version, dubbed ‘TikTok Ad-free’, at a monthly tariff of $4.99. An alternative free version, termed ‘TikTok Standard’, will also be available.

Distinct from Twitter Premium, TikTok’s subscription offering does not encompass verified badges, and, as of the current juncture, no additional functionalities have been unveiled. The sole advantage being offered is an ad-free milieu. Nevertheless, one could postulate that TikTok may unroll further enhancements in the foreseeable future.