Meta will launch an ad-free Instagram and Facebook

According to regulatory filings from Meta, there are plans afoot to unveil subscription models for Instagram and Facebook to European users in the coming months. The principal allure of this subscription is its ad-free experience, with an introductory price point of $14 per month.

Meta has clarified that users can still freely access Instagram and Facebook, replete with tailored advertisements. Those wishing to eschew such ads have the option of a paid subscription.

Diving into the specifics of pricing, due to disparate platform policies, the monthly charge for a Facebook or Instagram account is approximately €10 on desktop and web versions. An additional levy of €6 is imposed for each supplementary linked account.

ad-free Instagram

On mobile devices, owing to the commission structures of Google Play and the App Store, subscription costs elevate to €13 (equivalent to $14) per month. Thus, the fees differ depending on the subscription channel.

While Meta has refrained from elucidating why the ad-free subscription is exclusive to Europe, it’s plausible this decision is intertwined with the European Union’s regulatory stances. For Meta, forgoing advertisements is viable, but in return, users would need to remunerate lest the platform lacks a revenue stream.

An exact rollout date remains shrouded in mystery, yet if the European launch proves fruitful, Meta may potentially extrapolate this subscription model to other markets.

It’s of note that Meta had previously emulated Elon Musk’s strategy, introducing a paid verification system. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and subsequent unveiling of the X Premium subscription evidently galvanized numerous social platforms, TikTok included, to launch their own subscription models.

Yet, amusingly, both Meta and TikTok’s subscriptions primarily offer ad removal. In contrast, X Premium augments other functionalities but stops short of ad removal.