AMD Drivers Encounter Compatibility Woes with Copilot, Leading to Erasure of Configuration Files

It was articulated that the renowned wallpaper engine, Wallpaper Engine, encountered severe compatibility issues with the latest version of Windows 11. This discord seemingly emanates from Copilot, causing incessant crashes in Wallpaper Engine.

Wallpaper Engine is not the sole software besieged by such problems. AMD’s driver software, colloquially referred to as the ‘overclocked version’ in tests, has also manifested compatibility glitches, resulting in the recurrent loss of configuration files post-reboot.

From feedback within the AMD community, it emerges that upon installing the Windows 11 Moment 4 update, labeled KB5030310, or the Windows 11 23H2 version, each system reboot results in the obliteration of overclocking configuration files and assorted adjustments saved within the accompanying AMD driver software.

Upon meticulous scrutiny, some users discerned that this might be inextricably linked to Windows Copilot. A provisional solution was found when attempts were made to thoroughly disable Windows Copilot.

However, a pertinent point to underscore is that this hiccup predominantly affects the AMD Adrenalin 23.9.3 Beta driver version and not the normal driver iteration, hence, the number of impacted users remains relatively limited.