Tiktok becomes the most visited Internet website in the world

Recently, the network security company Cloudfare released the latest annual review report, according to the tracked Internet traffic data, TikTok replaces Google to become the world’s most visited Internet website in 2021. This achievement is very outstanding for this short video platform. After all, last year, Google was in the first place, while TikTok was only in seventh place. There is a certain gap.
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TikTok began to show strength in mid-February 2021, replacing Google as the number one, although fierce competition took place in March and May, after mid-August, TikTok basically ranked first. Many of the names on the list are familiar names. The third to tenth places are Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp. Compared with 2020, TikTok has surpassed many giants to become the first, and WhatsApp has replaced Instagram to enter the top ten.

Although TikTok has been around for some time, with the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, TikTok has gradually risen last year, and the number of active users has continued to rise. In September of this year, TikTok successfully surpassed Facebook and became the world’s most downloaded application on mobile devices, with statistics covering users on Android and Apple platforms. Under the coronavirus epidemic, some websites involving e-commerce, social media, and online video have developed well. For example, Netflix once rushed to the front.