Windows 11 can make it easier for users to copy the full path of Explorer files or folders

Most of the time, we may not need to copy the path of the file or folder, but sometimes it is necessary to modify the software function or through the command-line tool. In Windows 11, Microsoft has added new features to make it easier for users to copy paths, which can be operated in the file explorer if users need it. The operation method is also very simple, directly select the folder or file in the file explorer and click the right mouse button to see the “Copy as path” option.

Some are accessed by directly pasting the path in the file explorer address bar, but the copy function provided by Microsoft will add quotation marks to the path by default. In other words, if the path you copied is to be pasted in the Explorer, you also need to manually delete the quotation marks, if you press Enter and it will be loaded as a link.

There is no reason why Microsoft adds quotation marks to the path by default: most command-line tools need to be used in the command prompt or terminal to use quotation marks. So it can be seen from this that Microsoft has added this feature more to facilitate the user to use the command-line tool, which is much faster than the user manually entering the address each time.

Via: windowslatest