The “X” project plans to increase more viewing traffic through game live broadcasts and live streaming e-commerce

Under Elon Musk’s initiative to transform the platform formerly known as Twitter into a versatile ‘X’ application, there appear to be nascent efforts to integrate gaming livestreams and live online shopping capabilities.

Evidence of this lies in Elon Musk’s recent clandestine foray into the world of live streaming. Operating under the pseudonym @cyb3rgam3r420, he streamed ‘Diablo IV’ for a duration of 54 minutes. This suggests that ‘X’ aims to allure a plethora of gamers and content creators with its live gaming feature. Moreover, ‘X’ engineer, Mark Kalman, elucidated in a video the process by which X Premium subscribers can interface their accounts with streaming software tailored to the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) design via the X Media Studio, facilitating gaming livestreams directly through their ‘X’ account. Prior to this, ‘X’ had already introduced an ad revenue-sharing feature for its X Premium subscribers (formerly known as Twitter Blue paid users). Content that garners substantial views translates into corresponding ad revenue, an attractive proposition for content creators and influencers to augment the platform’s content volume.

X video game streaming

This addition of the gaming livestream function underscores ‘X’s recognition of the vast gaming demographic and its potent reach. The move is evidently designed to captivate an immense viewership.

Concurrently, ‘X’ seems poised to leverage live online shopping as another avenue to bolster its user traffic and potentially amplify its revenue stream. This was further evidenced when American socialite and one of the Hilton hotel heiresses, Paris Hilton, announced her collaboration with ‘X’. She plans to produce four original multimedia content, one of which encompasses a live shopping segment.

However, the market remains skeptical about ‘X’s current capability to support extensive live-streaming traffic. Given its recent downsizing and streamlining of assets, if ‘X’ aspires to harness substantial viewership through large-scale live content, meticulous preparatory measures are imperative to avert issues like unstable streams or interruptions.