The Switch Pro development plan is rumored to have been canceled by Nintendo

Compared to the software, the hardware of the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly disappointing. Therefore, many players have been looking forward to Nintendo’s hardware upgrades, especially the SoC. However, apart from replacing the Switch with a larger OLED screen and eMMC storage, Nintendo has nothing else to say.

Switch SoC T239

Although there are only a lot of leaks and rumors about the “Switch Pro”, some of which are quite credible, it seems that there is no further news, such as photos of the real machine. According to John Linneman of Digital Foundry, the development plan of ” Nintendo Switch Pro” used to exist but was eventually canceled.

So I think at one point, internally from what I can understand from talking to different developers, is that there was some sort of mid-generation Switch update planned at one point and that seems to be no longer happening,” Linneman said in a recent podcast episode.

In this regard, John Linneman believes that Nintendo may be worried that the successor of the Switch will repeat the mistakes of the previous host. Take Wii U, the previous generation console of Switch, as an example. Its sales volume is not good, and the sales volume in the whole life cycle is only more than 13 million units.

Regarding the next-generation production, John Linneman also speculates that there will be no new machines of any kind in 2023.