The release of the cheaper RTX 3070 was postponed to October 29th

Nvidia’s recently released RTX30 series graphics cards are undoubtedly attracting the attention of many gamers. These new graphics cards are extremely powerful in terms of performance and kill the RTX20 series.

However, the new graphics card is naturally very beautiful in terms of price, especially the extremely high prices of RTX 3080 and 3090 may not be suitable for most ordinary consumers.

Therefore, the relatively cheaper RTX 3070 is what many consumers are looking forward to. Unfortunately, Nvidia stated that the delivery time of this model has been delayed.


Image: Nvidia

The RTX 3070 was originally planned to be shipped in the middle of this month, but Nvidia stated in an official statement that the delivery time of this model was postponed to the end of this month.

In response to the postponement, Nvidia’s official response is that more inventory needs to be prepared. Nvidia said that it will take longer to stock up because of the large demand for new graphics cards. Although this may disappoint expecting users, the two-week delay will help Nvidia and its partners prepare more inventory.

NVIDIA decided to postpone the delivery time of the new card so that there is more time for stocking so that more players can buy the graphics card.

Via: theverge