October 25, 2020

Microsoft has quietly repaired “No internet access” in the notification area error

2 min read

Since the release of Windows 10 v2004, there has been an inconsequential issue, the notification area network connection symbol in the lower right corner of the desktop will display disconnected from the network.

Most users may think that they are offline when seeing this problem, but in fact, the network is normal, whether it is a webpage or other software, it can be connected normally.

In fact, this is a known issue of the new version. Microsoft has investigated this issue before, but it seems that it took a long time for Microsoft to quietly fix the issue.

Although this problem will not affect the normal use of most software, a small number of applications will read the system network status to determine whether the current device is connected to the Internet.

The problem is that although the network connection is normal, the system mistakenly believes that it is offline, this state will also be transmitted to other software and cause other software to disconnect.

Of course, for some users, the offline icon in the lower right corner is also very troublesome. Fortunately, Microsoft finally started to fix the problem after a few months of delay.

Microsoft stated that the cause of the problem is that the system component NCSI network connection status indicator is wrong, so only software that depends on the NCSI status will be affected by this bug.

Microsoft has fixed this issue in the latest beta update KB4577063, which is currently an optional update because of its testing nature.

By default, the system does not automatically install this update, but if the user manually checks for the update or selects it in the optional update, it will be installed. Users who pursue stability are advised to continue to wait for this month’s routine update day.