Microsoft has added a dedicated game version task manager to Windows 10

Game players should have encountered occasional system lags leading to game lags. Usually, some background tasks occupy too much hardware resources and cause game problems.

Problems such as frame rate drops and game jams are not uncommon. This situation is very painful for gamers, especially the impact of instant game jams.

To solve these problems and improve the game experience of players, Microsoft is currently developing a dedicated game version of the task manager, which can quickly release system hardware resources.

This feature is currently being tested in the Windows 10 development version, but this feature may not be pushed to the stable version until next spring.

This task manager is actually based on the Microsoft Xbox Game Bar function. Microsoft is adding useful functions to the game bar to help users.

For example, the latest task manager function, when the user opens the game bar, you can see the system performance monitoring, and will also display the hardware resources occupied by the application.

The task manager is classified according to foreground software, background software, and system processes. Each process will display the GPU, memory, hard disk I/O, and GPU load.

Players can quickly end the high-occupancy process according to their own needs to ensure that the ongoing game process has sufficient hardware resources to ensure smooth operation.

This clear task manager helps players improve the gaming experience, but currently, only Windows 10 development version users can experience it.

Via: windowscentral