The procurement and logistics of PlayStation 5 parts are becoming more and more difficult

A year ago, with the release of Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S, the era of next-generation game consoles was opened. Probably thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, more home life has made the sales of this generation of game consoles very prosperous. Coupled with the production capacity problems faced by the semiconductor industry, until a year later, it will still face the threat of supply shortages and price increases.

Sony PS5 problem

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Bloomberg reported that in the conference call at the end of last month, Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said that the procurement and logistics of PlayStation 5 parts are becoming more and more difficult. Some industry insiders familiar with Sony’s business said that due to various restrictions in the supply chain, Sony has reduced the production of PlayStation 5 this year. It is expected that the supply will remain tight throughout 2022. Sony is likely to revise its sales target at the end of 2022. The sales volume of 22.6 million units in the original plan is estimated to be difficult to achieve.

Sony initially hoped to deliver 16 million PlayStation 5 consoles by March next year, but it has already cut 1 million units. The planned adjustment has been reflected in the sales of various peripheral accessories and games. As of September 2021, the sales of PlayStation 5 games were lower than expected. The problem seems to be bigger than Sony expected. PlayStation 5 was originally Sony’s fastest-selling game console in history, unlocking the achievement of selling 10 million units in the shortest time, but the current sales rate has begun to lag behind the same period after the release of PlayStation 4.