October 24, 2020

The Indian government does not intend to ban Huawei and ZTE from participating in 5G network construction

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Prior to this, India and China had geopolitical problems. At that time, India used the so-called endangering the national security of India as an excuse to block many apps from Chinese developers.

This is also the case for speculation that India may also prohibit Huawei and ZTE from participating in local 5G network construction, but the current Minister of Information Technology in India denies the rumors.

The Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology of India, Sanjay Dhotre stated that the Indian government currently has no plans to prohibit Huawei and ZTE from participating in the local 5G network construction, nor does it have other restrictive measures.

The news is mainly used to dispel the concerns of local and multinational operators in India, who were afraid that Huawei and ZTE would be blocked because of disputes.

Huawei 5G base

For Indian operators, especially local operators in India, the exclusion of Huawei and ZTE has a great impact because of the high price of network equipment from Ericsson and Nokia.

The network equipment prices of Huawei and ZTE are relatively more affordable and more suitable for Indian operators. Of course, considering the basic cost, it is unrealistic for India to completely block Huawei.

After all, if it is really blocked, if Indian operators can only rely on Ericsson and Nokia, the cost issue may seriously affect the development of India’s basic network.

Via: business-standard