SMIC has submitted an application to the US to supply Huawei

According to the regulations of the US Department of Commerce, the ban on Huawei has already come into effect, that is, when the buffer period is over, US technology companies are not allowed to supply Huawei.

The regulations require US technology companies and foreign companies using US technology to comply with the ban. If they want to supply Huawei, they must submit a supply application.

Only after the application is approved can we continue to supply Huawei. If the supply is not obtained, it will be regarded as a violation of the regulations, and there will be severe penalties.

The chip technology used by SMIC also contains technology provided by American companies. Therefore, SMIC has also issued an official statement claiming to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Earlier, investors asked whether SMIC could help Huawei foundry chips or supply them. At that time, SMIC did not answer investors’ questions directly.

SMIC stated that the company is a foundry company for diversified customers at home and abroad. At the same time, the company needs to abide by the laws of the place of operation and ensure legal and compliance operations.

A few days ago, SMIC issued an announcement saying that it had submitted an application to the relevant US departments in order to be able to continue to supply Huawei.

This means that SMIC is also affected by the US Department of Commerce’s ban, that is, the chip technology used by SMIC also contains US technology and is therefore restricted.

If the US Department of Commerce’s ban is violated, SMIC may also be blocked, or the US-based company may no longer provide any chip technology to SMIC.

Via: gizchina