Razer leaked 100,000 gamers’ personal details due to configuration errors

The website operated by Razer, a well-known peripheral manufacturer, was recently found to have serious security problems. The Razer’s website caused a security breach due to a server configuration error.

Configuration errors caused the Razer’s website to leak the detailed information of up to 100,000 users, including names, addresses, numbers, order details, and billing content.

The most speechless thing is that the researchers spent three weeks communicating with Razer. Razer spent a long time delaying the problem or not admitting that the problem caused the problem to persist.

Razer did not issue a notice to researchers until recently confirming the existence of the problem, and the current server configuration problem of Razer’s website has been fixed by Razer.

The screenshots released by the researchers show that the registered user information of Razer’s website has basically been leaked, and the leaked information is mainly personal private content.

For example, the user’s full name, email, mobile phone number, order details, bill content, detailed address, etc., are said to have been leaked as high as 100,000 users. Razer emphasizes that it does not involve sensitive user information such as payment methods.

Only credit cards and payment methods are sensitive content for Razer. It is no wonder that all personal privacy information of users has been leaked but payment content has not been leaked.

Via: theverge