The Importance of Improving Chatbots: Features & Cost

In our modern world, because of improvements in technology, daily we are facing new tools that make our life easier. The chatbot is one of this type. Yet, with new updates in the virtual world, you always need to develop your Chatbot. In this article, we will tell you some information about Chatbots. You will know about its features and the importance of developing this technology. We also will provide you with information about the cost of developing Chatbots and how long the process will be taken.

You’ve probably connected to a Chatbot, too, without even realizing it. For example, you are researching a product on your computer. Then a window appears on the screen with the message: “Do you need help?” Or you may be going to a concert and requesting a car using your smartphone through a chat service. Or you may have used voice commands to order a coffee from your local café. You received a response that tells you when your order is ready and how much you have to pay. These are all examples of scenarios in which a chatbot can be used. Yet, being able to develop such technology is very important. Currently, many companies, blogs, and businesses are using Chatbots. This tool made life easier and in some ways cheaper for different industries. In this article, we want to inform you about the features and services of Chatbots. Also, we will help you to know how to develop your chatbot and how much it will cost. But, at first, do you really know what is Chatbot is?

The Chatbot & Its Responsibilities

A chatbot is software-based on artificial intelligence. Which can simulate a conversation or chat with the user in natural language. It works through messaging applications, websites, mobile applications, or over the phone. The use of artificial intelligence in chatbots plays a key role in their performance. Chatbots are very important. They are known as one of the most advanced and promising human-machine interactions. Chatbots represent the natural evolution of question-and-answer systems that use natural language processing.

Chatbots ease the interaction between users and the organization’s services. It also improves the customer experience. At the same time, they provide companies with new opportunities. They offer to improve the process of user interaction and operational productivity. It can be happening by reducing the usual costs of providing customer service. To be successful, a chat robot must be able to perform its tasks effectively. Human support plays a key role here. The method of using chat robots and their implementation platform is crucial. But, how humans intervene in the configuration, training, and optimization of chat robot software is important too.

The core of chatbot software has two important tasks:

  1. User Request Analysis: This is the first thing a chatbot should do. The user request is analyzed to identify his intention and extract related entities. Identifying the user’s intent and extracting the relevant data and entities. It is the first and most important step in the core of the chat robot. If it is not able to correctly identify the user’s request, you will not be able to provide the correct answer.
  2. Provide an Answer: Once the intent of the user has been determined, the chatbot must provide the most appropriate response to his/her request. The answer can be one of the following:
  • The answer provided can be a general, predefined text
  • Text retrieved from a knowledge base and containing various answers
  • Part of a text that matches the information provided by the user
  • The response can be based on data stored in the organization’s systems
  • The answer may be to do something that interacts with one or more other programs
  • A question for more details that helps the chatbot to correctly identify the user’s request

The Chatbot Architecture & Development Cost

Chatbot architecture is the heart of its development. Depending on the application and context of the business, the architecture of the chat robot may change dramatically. Thus, we have to change different elements according to customer needs. But the method of initial communication is always fixed. You need to learn how to choose the right chat architecture and different aspects of the conversation. Choosing the right architecture depends on the scope of the chat robot.

For simple applications, using the Pattern matching architecture may be appropriate. But for chatbots that have a wider scope of activity or offer several different services, it is better to use more complex architectures. Models such as Artificial Neural Network, Long Short-term memory, and Reinforcement learning. Thus, depending on the nature of the chatbot usage, the architecture changes according to the unique needs of each application.

About the development of Chatbots, there are several points that need to clarify. The first point is about the process and how much time it will take. As mentioned, the technology that connects to Chatbots is unique and new. Because of that, the development process totally depends on the type of Chatbots. Usually, the development process can take from some hours to three weeks.

The next point is about the cost of development. For sure, for customers, it is significant to know about the budget that they will need in this regard. The cost of the development of Chatbots depends on some points too. Besides, type of improvements, type of Chatbot, and necessary tools. Also, if you want to do it by yourself or develop it via companies, the price can be different. By yourself, maximum you will spend 500$. Yet by using other companies for developing your Chatbot, you will need to spend up to 5000$.

Yet, we want to tell you to read about Chatbot before you want to develop it. You need to gain honest and professional information about Chatbot development costs. You can find many good blogs and websites in this field and know more about Chatbots.


Surely, we can not deny the role of Chatbots in our modern life. Currently, most businesses and industries use this technology and provide top services to their users. Yet, by daily improvements and updates in the world of technology, Chatbots need to develop too. For sure, by making improvements in such a technology, the future of humanity can be changed on a positive side. We believe, by reading this short article, you can understand the importance of Chatbots in our current and future life. We hope, by the knowledge that you gain now, you will be able to find the best option to develop your Chatbots.