The global PC market continues to be sluggish in 2023Q3

IDC, a renowned statistical agency, has unveiled its latest quarterly PC tracking data, revealing that the PC shipments for the third quarter of 2023 have witnessed a continual decline, totaling 68.2 million units—a year-on-year drop of 7.6%. However, the descent has decelerated, and with two consecutive quarters manifesting a sequential upturn, there emerges a glimmer of resurgence.

IDC postulates that despite the overall market languor, the sustained quarterly augmentations suggest the market could be inching its way out of the nadir. Additionally, inventory levels have rejuvenated, approaching a state of equilibrium, though manufacturers remain tasked with navigating the economic intricacies of both the commercial and consumer sectors.

Lenovo tenaciously retains its premier position with shipments amounting to 16 million units, representing a year-on-year diminution of 5%, and capturing a market share of 23.5%. Hewlett-Packard, ensconced in the second berth, shipped 13.5 million units, marking a 6.4% year-on-year ascendancy and claiming a 19.8% market share, standing as the sole supplier to realize growth. Dell, ranking third, dispatched 10.3 million units—a stark 14.3% year-on-year decline—holding a 15% market stake, with the pronounced dip predominantly attributed to dwindling enterprise PC demand, notably evident in the North American arena. Apple, clinching the fourth position, had shipments tallying 7.2 million units, witnessing a 23.1% year-on-year contraction, and securing a market share of 10.6%. Asus, rounding off the top five, dispatched 4.9 million units, reflecting a 10.7% year-on-year decrease and capturing a 4.9% market share.

A spokesperson for IDC articulated that given the impending cessation of Microsoft’s support for Windows 10 and the inherent device renewal cycles, these factors are poised to galvanize sales in the latter half of 2024 and beyond. However, in the interim, influenced by a plethora of determinants, the PC industry will traverse a turbulent phase. With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology becoming more pronounced in new products, a potential revitalization of desktop and laptop sales is anticipated in the forthcoming year.