The Dell printer driver is being detected by more antivirus products as malware

Under normal circumstances, printer devices need to install special drivers. These drivers usually need to be downloaded and installed by the user through the manufacturer’s website.

If the driver has problems and is blocked by the security software, it may affect a large number of users to install the driver or even affect the installed driver.

The printer driver released by Dell recently encountered this situation. The driver released by Dell in the past few months was suddenly reported by more antivirus products as malware.

Detection reports show that at least 24 security software currently mark Dell drivers as unsafe, and the markings include viruses or malware. The security software that reported the virus includes Microsoft Defender, Avast!, McAfee, Trend Micro, FireEye, etc.

These security software clients will also block the installed Dell driver after updating the virus database, which may directly damage the normal use of the Dell printer.

It is puzzling that multiple drivers released by Dell in the past few months have similar problems, so this does not appear to be that Dell’s latest driver has been tampered with.

We guess the possible reason is that there may be some unusual operations in the Dell driver, which is blocked after the major security software updates the virus database.

Dell has not yet issued a response to this issue, but if your security software blocks the Dell driver and affects its use, you can temporarily add it to the whitelist.

Via: windowscentral