The Bluetooth SIG has completed the full range of Networked Lighting Control standard

The Bluetooth SIG heralds the culmination of the Networked Lighting Control (NLC) end-to-end standard, envisaging this benchmark to galvanize the expansive evolution of the digital lighting control application market.

Through the Networked Lighting Control standard, the Bluetooth SIG anticipates proffering a codified design reference for wireless digital lighting control applications. By emphasizing connectivity from wireless transmission to device-layer design, it aims to facilitate the seamless integration of an augmented range of intelligent lighting fixtures and devices.

Prior to this, digital lighting products primarily employed low-energy Bluetooth designs at the wireless transmission layer and standardized the communication layer through Bluetooth Mesh technology. The newly introduced Bluetooth NLC specification proffers a standardized design reference for device design, thereby augmenting product interoperability. By incorporating standardization at the device layer, the comprehensive Bluetooth NLC standard has been realized.

The Bluetooth SIG asserts that with the advent of the Bluetooth NLC end-to-end standard, lighting equipment suppliers will be poised to launch application products at reduced costs and accelerated pace. Concurrently, it enhances product interoperability, eases deployment, and facilitates continued expansion, thereby propelling the growth of the digital lighting application market.