Apple plans to use more of its own chips: Includes WiFi and Bluetooth

According to Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple whistleblower, Apple not only wants to develop its own 5G baseband but also wants to further introduce its own WiFi and Bluetooth chips into the iPhone.

The news that Apple will develop its own 5G baseband can be said to have been rumored for a long time, but until the latest iPhone 14, Qualcomm baseband is still an indispensable part of mobile phones. This time, Mark Gurman disclosed a more detailed time point, that is, Apple may abandon Qualcomm as a baseband supplier in 2024, and the process of transitioning all Apple products to its own 5G chips will begin in 2024.

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At the same time, Apple also intends to stop cooperating with Broadcom, which is providing WiFi and Bluetooth chips for the iPhone. Mark Gurman claims that from 2025, Apple will also use its own chips to implement these functions. At the same time, Apple has even greater ambitions, which is to integrate 5G baseband, WiFi, and Bluetooth on a single chip, which will not only greatly reduce the area of ​​the motherboard, but also reduce power consumption and obtain longer battery life.
In fact, it can be seen from the Apple U1 ultra-wideband chip, the H-series chip for earphones, and the W-series RF chip integrated into the Apple Watch SiP, Apple’s chip layout in the communication part is indeed proceeding in an orderly manner. However, the research and development of 5G baseband have always been a huge challenge, let alone the integration of WiFi and Bluetooth. So there is reason to believe that in the next few generations of iPhones, we will still see Qualcomm’s baseband.