Tesla Revs Up AI Engine: $500M Fuels Dojo Supercomputer for Self-Driving Future

According to a recent update shared by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on platform X, Tesla is significantly increasing its investment in artificial intelligence and plans to allocate $500 million this year to construct the supercomputer Dojo, which will use NVIDIA’s professional computing cards. Dojo is designed to utilize video data provided by Tesla’s vehicle fleet for AI machine learning and video training. The primary purpose of this supercomputer is to advance the development of autonomous driving capabilities for Tesla’s vehicles.

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Tesla [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Interestingly, Musk disclosed that this investment merely covers the cost of acquiring around 10,000 NVIDIA H100 cards, hinting that Tesla‘s expenditure will not stop there. As the scale of development expands, total investment could potentially reach billions of dollars. He also mentioned in the comments section that Tesla’s procurement plans include not only NVIDIA products but also AMD’s professional computing cards, though he did not specify which models would be used. Based on industry needs, wccftech speculates that Tesla is likely to acquire AMD’s Instinct MI300 series.

Furthermore, wccftech infers from this development that NVIDIA will no longer be the sole beneficiary in the AI hardware market this year. AMD has managed to close the gap with NVIDIA in terms of performance, industry attention, and supply capacity. There have been reports that AMD’s professional computing card, Instinct MI300X, is intensifying competition in the AI hardware market. Musk’s revelation corroborates this perspective. The AI hardware market in 2024 is set for some shifts. However, with the rapid development in the AI sector, hardware manufacturers like AMD and NVIDIA are likely to emerge as the primary beneficiaries.