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Instinct MI300 shipment

AMD Begins Shipping Instinct MI300X Cards, Revolutionizing AI/HPC

Recently, Sharon Zhou, CEO of LaminiAI, announced that AMD has commenced the shipment of its Instinct MI300X compute cards, designed for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC). It has been revealed that LaminiAI...

AMD Instinct MI300 series

AMD has high hopes for the Instinct MI300 series

For years, AMD has endeavored to wrest the data center GPU market from Nvidia’s grasp, yet the fruits of their labor have been modest. This is largely attributable to software support challenges, which have...

AMD Instinct MI300X

AMD confirms Instinct MI300X power consumption up to 750W

During the premiere event for data center and AI technologies on June 15, AMD showcased their Instinct MI300X GPU. Although the conference made no mention of this product’s power consumption, Hoang Anh Phu subsequently...