Panther Lake Pounces: Intel AI Doubles in 2024, Again in 2025

Last September, at the “Intel Innovation” summit held in San Jose, California, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, during his keynote address on innovation, unveiled the client processor roadmap for the next two years, confirming the arrival of Panther Lake in 2025.

As reported by Seeking Alpha, during the fourth quarter earnings call of 2023, Gelsinger revisited the topic of Panther Lake, stating that the next generation is slated for release later this year. He highlighted that the AI performance of Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake will be doubled based on the Core Ultra platform, and by 2025, Panther Lake is expected to double AI performance once again.

Panther Lake is scheduled to begin trial production in the first quarter of 2024 and launch in 2025. It will be available on both desktop and mobile platforms, using the LGA 1851 socket for the desktop platform, similar to Arrow Lake. It will feature the Cougar Cove architecture’s P-Core and will be manufactured using Intel’s 18A process.