TeamViewer starts offering real-time iOS 11 screen sharing

IOS News

One of the new features of the upcoming release of iOS 11 is the addition of a new file application that allows users to manage, edit and share data more quickly. This feature is very appealing, but in order to enhance shared services, TeamViewer Announced that iOS11 will be released after the iOS users will provide a way to share the screen with each other.

TeamViewer said that the screen sharing function does not support user full-screen control, but for remote operation or troubleshooting personnel, the use is still very convenient. Apple users can share the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen with technical support staff, and the technician can see any actions that occur on the user’s screen and provide remote troubleshooting tips.

The current version of TeamViewer iOS 11 can only control the Android device, only iOS 11 version of the iOS device can be fully controlled. The company said TeamViewer’s screen sharing feature will be available to anyone free of charge by October 31st.



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