Suspected Android 9.0 exposure: codename will start with P?


Although Android 8.0 has been officially released, in addition to a small number of pro-son models and third-party developers produced a small brush machine package, the vast majority of mobile phones have also missed the taste of Android 8.0. And when you are still using Android 8.0 to worry about when Google has been restarted the pace of progress, began to develop the next generation of Android system.

XDA developer Mishaal Rahman broke the news that Andrews open source project to add a label called “master-p”, which means that Google’s next-generation Android system code may have become “P” at the beginning of the letter.


As for this “P” in the end what is currently no clear message. In addition, “Android P” in the end is not Android 9.0 is currently unable to confirm, but the possibility of a larger.

In addition, the developer also said that Android 8.1 development work has already begun, they are a likely and new generation of Pixel mobile phone debut.

Reference Android 7.1 and the first generation of Pixel mobile phone, Google is the possibility of doing so is relatively large, wait for the conference.



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