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TSMC 3nm process mass-produce

TSMC 3nm process will be mass-produced next month

Last month, Samsung held a delivery ceremony for 3nm foundry products using the next-generation GAA (Gate-All-Around) transistor technology at the V1 production line of the Hwaseong factory in Gyeonggi-do. TSMC, as the largest wafer...

Samsung mass-produce 3nm process

Samsung will mass-produce 3nm process next week

Samsung’s foundry business has been at the center of a storm over the past few months. At the beginning of this year, it was first reported that the management of Samsung Electronics decided to...

AMD Samsung 3nm

Rumored: AMD may become Samsung’s first 3nm customer

In the third quarter of 2021, AMD’s revenue was $4.313 billion, achieving a 54% year-on-year growth, which was also an increase of 12% compared to the $3.850 billion in the previous quarter. This is...