Sony unveils new PlayStation 5 game console with thin design

After a swirl of speculation, Sony has formally heralded the release of a sleeker PlayStation 5 console, slated to debut this November in markets spanning the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Japan. This reimagined marvel boasts a considerably diminished form factor and weight, complemented by an augmented internal storage capacity of 1TB. Further innovation is evident in its modular UHD BD disc drive, allowing for both a disc-based and a digital version of the console. Sony also offers a separate disc drive expansion accessory.

In comparison to its predecessor, the slimmed-down variant sees a volumetric reduction of over 30%, with the weight of the disc-based and digital versions plummeting by 18% and 24%, respectively. Aesthetically, the upper segment flaunts a glossy finish, juxtaposed with a matte finish below. The right side of the console is fashioned to accommodate the disc drive, which comes built-in with the UHD BD disc version. Conversely, the digital version retains a vacant space, providing users the option of future disc drive accessory installation.

On a holistic scale, the streamlined model champions a more harmonized design ethos, priming Sony for efficient mass production while simultaneously curbing manufacturing costs.

Internally, the storage has been bolstered to 1TB. A notable design pivot is the transmutation of the front USB ports from the erstwhile USB-A and USB-C configuration to a dual USB-C setup. However, one of these remains compliant with the USB 2.0 standard, predominantly catering to the charging needs of peripherals like the DualSense controller.

Furthermore, the accompanying console stand has been redesigned, exclusively supporting horizontal orientation. Those desiring a vertical placement would necessitate procuring a separate vertical stand accessory.

The forthcoming console is anticipated to grace the aforementioned markets this November, effectively superseding the current PlayStation 5.

Pertaining to recommended retail pricing, the disc version is poised at $499.99 in the US, with the digital version tagged at $449.99. The disc drive expansion accessory fetches a price of $79.99, while the vertical stand is priced at $29.99. In the European domain, the disc version will retail for €549.99, and the digital at €449.99. In the UK, these figures stand at £479.99 and £389.99 respectively. For the Japanese aficionados, the disc version is priced at ¥66,980, and its digital counterpart at ¥59,980.