Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X Series as new PC-level processor identification name

In the lead-up to the imminent Snapdragon Tech Summit 2023, set against the idyllic backdrop of Hawaii in late October, Qualcomm unveiled their next-gen PC-grade processor series, christened the Snapdragon X Series. This flagship nomenclature is designated for processors embodying the Oryon CPU design, with the market forecasted to see an influx of PCs harnessing this series by 2024.

The Oryon CPU blueprint emanates from the technological prowess of Nuvia, a company previously acquired by Qualcomm. This acquisition not only revivified Qualcomm’s legacy of bespoke architectural designs but also endowed the processor design with unparalleled autonomy. This strategic move paves the way for optimized computational performance, tailored explicitly to product-specific demands.

Corroborating earlier claims, Qualcomm envisions the Oryon CPU design permeating not just the realm of PC-grade processors, but also making its foray into the mobile processor designs of future handheld devices. However, the present strategy predominantly emphasizes its prowess in the PC-grade processor landscape.

Further, the announcement underscored a series-oriented product design, indicating a plethora of specifications tailored to cater to the diverse positioning needs of various products.

Post the launch of the Snapdragon X Series, there’s palpable speculation that Qualcomm might eclipse existing processor products, including the Snapdragon 8cx and Snapdragon 7c. This maneuver aims to offer users an enhanced recognition factor, while concurrently delineating the PC-grade processors more distinctly.