Sony plans more PlayStation 5 exclusive games

Two years ago, Sony pledged to bring more PlayStation exclusives to the PC platform, driven by the substantial investment returns observed in certain regions for games on this platform. Upon the introduction of PC versions, some PlayStation exclusives witnessed a conspicuous surge in sales, significantly bolstering Sony’s gaming revenue. Sony’s recent acquisitions of various game studios have also factored in considerations for porting games to the PC, such as the acquisition of Nixxes Software, chosen for its extensive experience in this area.

Recently, Sony PlayStation’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, engaged in an interview with the Japanese gaming magazine ‘Famitsu‘, revisiting the issue of PlayStation exclusives and PC platform release strategies.

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Ryan appreciates the recent surge in PC gaming’s popularity in Japan, a region traditionally favoring home game consoles. He contemplates the multifaceted development of game IPs and opines that the PC can allow more players to enjoy games in unique ways, making it beneficial from multiple perspectives.

When queried about the potential concurrent release of first-party games on PlayStation 5 and the PC platform, Ryan stated Sony would not deviate from its operational strategy, underscoring the importance of PlayStation exclusives. PlayStation Studios’ primary responsibility is to create games for the latest PlayStation hardware that players adore, and Sony plans to increase the number of PlayStation 5 exclusive games while staggering the release timing for PC versions.

Ryan frequently engages in direct communication with players, seeking their views. Regarding the delayed release of PC versions, the common consensus suggests that a launch on the PC platform two to three years after the PlayStation release is acceptable. Sony holds a deep respect for the gaming community and will continue to listen to their voices, developing an array of works in a comprehensive manner.