Sony PlayStation VR2 hardware authentication tool cracked

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) officially launched on February 22, 2023, with a suggested retail price of $549.99, including the PlayStation VR2 headset, PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers, and stereo headphones. Sony also offers a charging base for the controllers at an additional cost of $49.99.

Unlike competitors such as the Meta Quest series, the PlayStation VR2 is exclusively designed for the PlayStation 5 console and is incompatible with PCs. However, recent developments suggest a change, as iVRy has announced the full decryption of the PlayStation VR2 hardware authentication tool, paving the way for potential PC compatibility.

PlayStation VR2 hardware authentication

Previously, iVRy had enabled the first-generation PlayStation VR to connect to PCs and play VR games on Steam. Although the encryption mechanism has been cracked, iVRy has not disclosed the implementation details, and due to the lack of refined hardware drivers, the PlayStation VR2 is not yet fully functional on PCs.

In fact, prior to the release of the PlayStation VR2, driver developers had discussed the issue, stating that Sony encrypted USB transmission signals to prevent the headset from operating on PCs. Additionally, the absence of readily available SLAM trackers for Windows and the lack of controller support hinder its compatibility with PCs. Developers may attempt to overcome these obstacles, but extensive reverse engineering could take several years.

While the PlayStation VR2 offers an enjoyable experience and has been welcomed by some gamers and game developers, its sales have been underwhelming. Reports indicate that Sony originally projected sales of 2 million units for the 2023 fiscal year, but this has been reduced to 1.5 million. The elevated pricing is undoubtedly a factor hindering the PlayStation VR2’s sales, and Sony has tried to increase sales by implementing price reductions.