Solidigm showcases a new generation of 192-layer stacked 3D QLC: Up to 61TB SSD capacity

SK Hynix established Solidigm after acquiring Intel’s flash memory business and continued to sell Intel’s previous NAND SSD products on the consumer and enterprise sides, and technology research and development have not stopped. They released a preview of 192-layer stacked 3D QLC flash memory at the recent Tech Field Day 2022 technology summit. With the new flash, they were able to build 30TB and 61TB SSDs, showing strong speeds and throughput, clearly looking to replace enterprise HDDs.

Solidigm compared the 7.68TB PCI-E 4.0 SSD based on the new flash memory with other TLC and QLC SSDs. The random write of this SSD reaches 113,000 IOPS, and the speed is also 464MB/s, which is 24% faster than the comparison TLC SSD and 6 times faster than another QLC SSD. In terms of latency, it is 20% lower than TLC SSD, and 84% lower than QLC SSD.

In fact, if you only look at performance, QLC SSD is not bad. Solidigm’s D5-P5316 QLC SSD 30.72TB can continuously read 7000MB/s, continuously write 3600MB/s, and randomly read 800000 IOPS. It’s quite adequate for the read-intensive and sequential workloads it targets.

As for the durability that everyone cares about, Solidigm’s Value Endurance product has a maximum capacity of 30.72TB and durability of 32PB. The Essential Endurance-level product has a maximum capacity of 61.44 TB and durability of 65PB. During the 5-year warranty period, the daily write capacity can reach 35.6TB, which is definitely not a problem.