MediaTek releases Dimensity 9200: Equipped with Cortex-X3 core, supports Wi-Fi 7

MediaTek announced the launch of the Density 9200, a new flagship 5G chip for the mobile market. MediaTek said that the Dimensity 9200 will bring professional-grade images, immersive games, high-speed 5G networks, and Wi-Fi 7 wireless connections to mobile terminals, promoting the upgrade of the mobile experience.

Dimensity 9200 is manufactured by TSMC’s second-generation 4nm process, integrating 17 billion transistors, and using innovative chip packaging design to enhance heat dissipation, reducing CPU peak performance power consumption by 25% compared to the previous generation. The CPU part is still a 1+3+4 triple-cluster architecture, including one super core (Cortex-X3@3.05 GHz), three large cores (Cortex-A715@2.85 GHz), and four small cores (Cortex-A510@1.8 GHz); built-in 8MB CPU L3 cache and 6MB system cache, all cores support pure 64-bit applications; the GPU is the Immortalis-G715 MC11 with ten cores, which supports Vulkan 1.3 hardware ray tracing, and its performance is 32% higher than the previous generation. It integrates the sixth-generation AI processor APU 690, which improves AI ​​performance by 35% compared with the previous generation.

In other respects, Dimensity 9200 supports LPDDR5X memory of 8533 MT/s; 8-channel UFS4.0 flash memory, and multi-loop queue technology can further improve the data transmission rate; Imagiq 990 image signal processor, natively supports RGBW, intelligent image semantic technology, AI dual-track capture function, and movie mode; display processor MiraVision 890, with AI area image quality enhancement, HDR multi-layer color management, and adaptive refresh rate technology; MediaTek HyperEngine 6.0 game engine, supports pixel-level real-time smear elimination and new game adaptive control technology;  The 5G modem follows the advantages of MediaTek’s dual-card technology, and also supports the unique UltraSave power-saving technology; support Wi-Fi 7, the peak network transfer rate can reach 6.5Gbps, and the new generation of Bluetooth audio LE Audio, both of which use MediaTek HyperCoex hyper-connection technology, there will be a more stable connection and lower latency.

It is understood that Vivo’s X90 series is likely to be the first smartphone equipped with the Dimensity 9200 platform, which is expected to be released at the end of this year.