Snapdragon 898 has been greatly improved in many aspects

Previously, Qualcomm announced that it will hold the Snapdragon Tech Summit from November 30 to December 2. It is expected that a new generation of high-end SoC will be released, that is, the Snapdragon 898, which is rumored to be developed under the code name SM8450, to replace the existing Snapdragon 888 and become the new core of the flagship models of major Android smartphone manufacturers.
Snapdragon 8cx 5G
Snapdragon 898 will be manufactured using Samsung’s 4nm process. The core of its Armv9 architecture is a Kryo 780 Prime (Cortex-X2@3.09GHz), three Kryo 780 Gold (Cortex-A710@2.4GHz), and four Kryo 780 Silver (Cortex-A510@1.8GHz). GPU is Adreno 730, VPU and DPU are Adreno 665 and Adreno 1195 respectively, and it is equipped with Snapdragon X65 5G baseband. It is rumored that Kryo 780 is basically the same as Kryo 680, but is modified based on Arm’s improved architecture to improve energy efficiency.

According to Wccftech reports, although the general concern is the performance improvement of the Snapdragon 898 in terms of CPU, it is worth paying attention to its heat generation. At present, Snapdragon 888 has been criticized by many users. In addition, the GPU, AI, and ISP of the Snapdragon 898 have been greatly improved. Among them, the Adreno 730 adopts a new architecture. I believe that there will be a relatively large improvement in graphics performance.